Economic Sustainability

Building a sustainable economy means that our city will weather this recession and future recessions much more resiliently. We must:

  • Create green jobs
  • Grow our alternative transportation infrastructure
  • Create an Artists' Resource Center
  • Buy local, contract local, and eat local


Raising the bar on energy efficiency in our new developments while incentivizing the retrofit of existing buildings can create a great deal of work for our talented construction industry while supporting the growing alternative energy manufacturing companies in the area.

Living up to our environmental aspirations will also continue to attract green industry to our area.


Giving our citizens the choice of how to travel offers everyone the chance to save money by riding the bus, riding bicycles, or walking. We must protect our public transit funding, increase the number of bike lanes on our roads, fight to ensure that a future I-26 connects West Asheville to downtown, and work to implement our Greenways Master Plan.


As laid out in the Downtown Master Plan draft, an artists' resource center will be an economic development tool for the thousands of artists in Asheville. They will be able to learn how to turn their art into viable businesses and receive consultation on financial and marketing matters. We can utilize the monies currently going toward the Public Art Board while partnering with existing economic development artists' groups to make this a reality.


For every $100 spent at a local-owned business, $45 stays in our community. Spend that same $100 at an out-of-town-owned business, and only $13 stays here. The City of Asheville ought to do everything possible to spend taxpayer dollars locally.

Further, the City can increase its support for Buy Local initiatives in partnership with private businesses and farmers.